Case Study: Campaign Builder

Your One-Stop Marketing Hub

Busy marketers can easily manage all their campaigns from one place: Answer a few simple questions and the tool associates your new campaign with a predetermined flow. The email and landing page templates are prepopulated with correctly branded graphics. Group jobs into folders, access and edit all your current and past campaigns, and quickly duplicate previous campaigns for maximum efficiency.


Share and collaborate with your project team through deliverable-specific chat conversations. Chat with brand experts. Document supervisor approval of your finished campaign.

Customize Your Campaign

  1. Select from a recommended flow or create your own.
    Templates are prepopulated with all relevant branding elements and current look and feel to maintain consistency across all campaign initiatives.

  2. Choose visuals from a customized image library.
    Customize your visuals by selecting from a preapproved image library. Associate flows to create dynamic campaigns that let you automatically share text between templates and customize it as you choose.

  3. Refine your layout.
    Drag, drop, replicate, and reorder images, content blocks, and branding elements to suit your objectives.

  4. Review your campaign and document your approval.
    Preview your finished product across multiple screen sizes. Archive your final campaign for reference or to reuse it for future initiatives.