Case Study: Claudette

Lingerie Identity

Owned and operated primarily by women, Claudette is a lingerie line offering support (in more ways than one) to ladies of many sizes. They gained traction and began to be distributed by international retailers, like Asos, through word-of-mouth and a strong social media presence.

Client: Claudette Brasserie
Apparel, Digital Marketing, Signage

How difficult is it to find a good bra? Hard enough that women have to look to social media for recommendations. And that’s why Claudette is all over Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and lingerie blogs. Claudette fills the gap with comfortable, fun, and sexy bras and that do all the things women want them to do.

Because the company’s foundation was the community of women who blogged about, liked, tweeted, and just plain recommend their apparel, the Claudette team wanted their brand to look something like the signature of one of your best lady friends. Maybe with a touch of Marie Antoinette.