Case Study: Peninsula Girls Chorus

Music played a big role in my childhood (singing and listening), so I was thrilled to take on this project. Beyond providing an unparalleled musical education, the Peninsula Girls Chorus seeks to nurture a community of young women who enjoy and appreciate music and each other.

Created over 20 years ago, they'd outgrown their identity. The chorus now has five separate choirs and performs internationally. Serving young women and girls as young as 6, they needed to keep a little bit of fun in their identity but also represent the expectation of excellence so intrinsic to their organization.

Client: Peninsula Girls Chorus
Apparel, Collateral, Web

We brainstormed together, trying to define palette and style, before refining the final design.

Final Logo Designs

Program Covers

The PGC performs several times throughout the year, with a different theme for each concert.